Dorum-Neufeld: Germany’s Dog-Friendly, North Sea Vacation Destination

So calm. So peaceful. (When the wind stops beating you to death.)

Have you ever been to the North Sea? The German coastlines along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are home to tons of little islands and coastal villages. The whole area is a popular vacation destination for people who enjoy seeing the ocean while being pounded by rain, wind and a pervasive sense of despair. (I’m allowed to rip on the German coast because I come from Portland, Oregon; our beaches are so gray and depressing even the seagulls are in therapy.)

I’ve written about the North Sea before, when The Wife and I went to the peninsula called Nordstrand, walked through the mud at low tide (for fun, mind you), and saw a rather disconcerting number of sheep. But more recently, however, we took a trip to a little village called Dorum-Neufeld (or just “Dorum“) in the Cuxhaven district of the Wurster Nordseeküste. Know where that is?

Location of Dorum-Neufeld Germany
(Original image courtesy of Google Maps, obviously.)

Don’t get me wrong — we had a sweet time — but the amazing sunshine and unseasonably warm weather we experienced upon arrival was short-lived. Soon, we experienced the true reality of the German North Sea: overcast skies, gray seas, wind and rain with 100% chance of suicide. Just kidding. Who cares about the weather? We went there to celebrate New Year’s Eve away from all the fireworks and general drunken chaos of the city. We also went there because we could bring our dog and stay at a pet-friendly apartment rental complex called Ferienwohnungen zum Genießen. (Which translates to “Vacation Apartments to Enjoy” — not to be confused with the slightly less popular, “Vacation Apartments to Hate Vehemently.”)

Now, when I say “pet-friendly,” what I really mean is “dog-utopia.” (Dogtopia?) I mean, holy mother of god, everybody brings their dogs there. The place even has its own doggie playground, complete with agility course, training classes and jumbo-sized dogshit bag dispenser. It was awesome. I award Dorum-Neufeld with the much-coveted, 4 out of 5 Merkel Diamonds:

Merkel Diamond from Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany

But to really get a sense of this place, you gotta check out our pictures. Just click one to start the slideshow and read the captions:

Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!



7 thoughts

  1. It’s hard finding dog-friendly beaches here on the east coast, we have two large dogs, and I know they would love it. How bad is the tax that you have to pay in Germany, for your dog?


  2. I’m glad you didn’t make like the locals and fully pickle your brain — because then it would have been a rather short post (“How was the German North Sea? I don’t recall.”). But seriously. Thank you for this very … um … instructive look at northern Germany. You are effin’ hilarious. :)


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