Visiting Portland, Oregon: An American Expat and His German Wife Return to the States for Spring Break

Welcome to Portland: City of beer, beards and reefer buds.

My wife is a smokin’ hot, full-blooded German woman with a killer smile and a wildly unpredictable sense of humor. I am an American expat built from the lesser parts of cyborg nerds and dragon jockeys. Together, we live in Hannover, Germany, and this blog is an ongoing account of our shared misadventures.

Now, we hadn’t visited my hometown of Portland, Oregon, since late 2013, so it was a pretty big deal for us to see our friends and family members this year. What follows is a picture gallery depicting our trip from beginning to end, complete with an epic pub crawl, a visit to the very site where I asked my wife to marry me, and everything else which makes me proud to call myself a Portlander. Or a Portlandite. Portlandian? Portlandonian! I COME FROM THE LAND OF PORTS.

 Click one of the thumbnails below to start the slideshow and read the captions:



If you would like to read another post regarding my hometown, check this one out: My German Wife’s First Encounter with ‘Kitchen Kaboodle’ in Portland, Oregon

13 thoughts

  1. I love this…my son will be married to a beautiful German woman this summer (and they will live in Wiesbaden)
    and your blog will help me be the perfect American MIL. Thanks!

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    1. Not sure he will give you the best advice on how to be a MIL. Hee hee. But at least you will have an idea of the kind of trials and tribulations your son might have married to a German. ;-)


  2. Thank you for the pictures, having spent 40+ years in the northwest I kind of miss it. The I’ve driven those Portland bridges more times than I care to count.


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