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33 thoughts

  1. Great blog! When, so many years ago, I was stationed in Germany as a U.S. Navy officer, I worked with the German Kameraden every day. Their knowledge of English varied, but that never mattered. We had lots of fun “doing” English as well as German. Some literal translations (often intentional) had us in stitches for days – e.g. Wendehecht = turnpike, Du faehrst mich Nuesse = you’re driving me nuts, schrauben = screw (in the erotic sense) etc.

    Unforgettable times!


  2. I’ve just read through a bunch of your blogs and they’ve just made my day. Your wife sounds like she’s absolutely awesome lady! :D I look forward to seeing what you blog next!


  3. Oh my God, I am 1/2 German. THANK YOU for visiting my humble blog. How on earth did you stumble upon it?? I too can really burp (the German genes). We practiced as kids by speed drinking A&W rootbeer and then letting ’em rip. :)


    1. Haw haw! Sick! :)

      I found your blog in the WordPress Reader, by searching under “Germany” or “Expat.” I also spend a lot of time reading “Humor.”

      Glad you found us! Keep up the great work with your own blog and have a fantastic weekend!


  4. I love your blog. It’s awesome! I’m originally from Hannover, Germany but have lived in California for almost 20 years now. So I really enjoy your take on things. You’re absolutely dead on. It brings a smile on my face. :-)


  5. Hello, I am an american woman, and my husband is Irish. We lived in Ireland for 3 years, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. So we are now back in the USA, and I am getting my associates in teaching. With all the nonsense going on over here, I am ready to bail, and my husband said Germany was a very prosperous country. Are you informed on how well a person can make a living with a Bachelors in film and photography there? I am getting my teaching degree and graduate with my associates next year. My husband is the one with the Bachelor’s. I had to convince him to live in the US, and he is very reluctant, but he was ecstatic when I mentioned Germany. He will be here with us in March, and applying for the greencard. I also think America is going downhill, and I don’t want to stick around to long here. Maximum 3 years really. I would love your input!


    1. I don’t know anything about working in film or photography here in Germany, but I do know these two things:

        You can make a living here if you speak the language and
        The quality of life here in Germany is outstanding.

      Moving here would likely be the best decision you ever make. I wish you the best of luck.


  6. Really funny blog you’ve got there. I’ve recently started my own about life in Germany and I’m treating your blog as my model :). Wish I was this good though :P


  7. Awesome blog! I moved here in December 2013 and can relate with the whole learning language bit! We are in a countryside and the language factor becomes even more important, than it would probably have been had we been in a big city. Sometimes a literal translation has me in splits!! Absolutely enjoying reading your adventures and glad to know someone shares my take on Germany! ;)


  8. Awesome blog! I moved to Germany in December 2013 and enjoying reading your adventures. It’s good to know that someone shares my take on Germany! We are in a countryside and language factor is even more important, than it would have been in a big city. Sometimes a literal translation has me in splits!! Looking forward to reading your adventures! Cheers


  9. As a native german: I read your blog tonight and it was very inreresting and even more laughing (good humor!). Thanks for sharing your expereinces and “holding the mirror before our nose” :-)


  10. Dear American husband, you’re blog is great!! I went to work this morning with a very German Merkel face and will leave it in the evening with a smile on my face :). It must be awesome to be your wife…!


  11. Hey there, I’m an American in France and while I don’t speak a word of German, your blog has really drawn me in and I can’t stop laughing (first found you on Instagram). Awesome work, keep it up, and if you ever want to collaborate on a post or anything, feel free to send me a note!


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