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“Show me what you got, sexy.” — Image Credit: Mark Holloway ( — Subject to CC 2.0 License.

Write a guest article for our blog!

Are you an expat in Germany? Do you have any funny stories about visiting Germany? Do you have a funny German friend or family member? How about some funny insights on German culture? Email them to me and — if they’re good — I might feature them on this page with a link back to your blog!

Please pay special attention to the following two points:

  1. Don’t email me before you’ve written your guest article. I don’t have time to discuss your submission, so just write that mother down and show it to me. If you’ve already written an article about Germany, like for your own blog or as a sponsored guest post for a client or something, just email me the link and I’ll check it out.
  2. I do not accept paid guest articles or paid blog posts. If you’ve got a great guest article about Germany already written, just email it to me and I’ll check it out. No payment necessary, as your article should already be relevant enough to my readers to be featured for free.

You can submit guest articles to me on the contact page.

Guest Articles:

10 German Movies Your Must See, by

Weird (and Wonderful) German Foods, by The Expat Hub

10 Weird German Culture Differences British People Won’t Understand, by James

German Wedding Traditions, by Katie Jones

What the U.S. Could Learn from Germany’s Higher Education System, by Kenny Martinez

The German Shower, by Heidi Hefeweizen

What the fuck, America? by Andreas

A German’s First Time in Britain, by Dan Walker

Embracing the Metric System, by Sara

Fat, Fifty and Filthy: A German Beer Tour, by Fred Talbot

The Awful German Language, by Mark Twain


7 thoughts

  1. Hmm, I must share? Ok Fiance comes to the states to visit, take her to Applebees for dinner, next day she says lets go back to that place same as yesterday “Applepie” I just replied right on! lol…


  2. On one of our first dates, I was attempting to read the menu at what soon became our favorite restaurant in her small town. I was looking at the salads on the menu and asked her what “Eier” means. She thought about it for a moment then said “Chicken babies.”


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