Pictures: Our Looney Tunes Trip to Berlin – January, 2013

Oh Kreuzberg, you big silly. Is that a meat-eating flower jutting out from a mural of pure, German madness? "Have fun on your way to school, kids!"
Oh Berlin, you big silly. Is that a meat-eating flower jutting out from a mural of pure, German madness? “Have fun on your way to school, kids!”

The Wife and I were recently visited by one of our very close friends from Portland, Oregon. We shall call him, “Looney Tunes.” Looney Tunes spent New Year’s with us in Hannover, and then on January 2nd, we all took the CE train to Berlin.

I’d only been to Berlin once before, back in June of 2011, and that trip was wildly different. It was summer and we were staying in Mitte. This time around, it was winter and we were staying in Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg used to be punk rocker central and it was scary as hell, but it is rapidly being gentrified. Walking down the street, the buildings go like this: scary apartment building, crazy graffiti mural, depressing pub, Turkish döner place, Vietnamese restaurant, scary apartment building, really nice coffee shop. It’s kind of jarring how the places with money stick out from the rest, but Kreuzberg does have its own unique charm, I suppose. Looney Tunes absolutely loved it. The Wife and I will stick to our quiet little Hannover for now.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip. We hope you like them!

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43 thoughts

  1. Ahhh, my Berlin. I wonder how many people now own a picture of you taking a picture of the Brandenburg Gate. Oh, and for your information, the graffiti wasn’t there before the wall came down. Only the dreary, grey, asbestos-roofed structures on the verge of collapsing.


  2. Bombardier *makes* the S-Bahn trains in Berlin.


    “Yes sir, willkommen in Berlin … because first thing in the morning, when I go to work, I needs me my daily dose of irony!”

    One day, hopeful in the future, either before or after Flughafen Berlin opens (whenever that may be), Humboldt Box will become once again the Stadtschloss, though in truth, the StadtschloB might actually be a fitting description.

    Behind the graffiti in either Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, (or Kreuz-Kölln) resides a lot of really lovely and warm people … armed with cans of spray-paint. I swear that’s pretty much required for living in a flat in any of these Kiez’es.


      1. Great post, by the way! I was in Berlin for 9 weeks this past October to December. While they were away, a friend was kind enough to let me stay in their place in Schöneberg.


      1. Yeah I know.
        I was a Teenager at that time and my parents wanted to show me the city. I think I was more scared than able to enjoy the trip. Crossing the DDR and going through Checkpoint Charlie was a nightmare …. long story.
        Speaking of Berlin, you maybe interested in this clip:

        LG Anja


  3. Sorry to have missed you! We live in Kreuzberg — about 3 blocks from the actual Kreuzberg in Viktoria Park, very near Bergmannstr, and around the corner from the most famous currywurst place in the world – Currywurst 36. Give me a heads up next time you come and we can point you in the direction of a great absinthe bar AND just about the only AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurant in Germany (plus a great place to get a real American hamburger — less than 2 blocks from us).


  4. Certainly recognized some of the photos, but didn’t notice any that were in our immediate neighborhood. We’re about 4 stops on the U-7 from the Neukoln Rathaus — so near there (and our son used to live there so we spent alot of time there), but didn’t see anything we recognized for sure. There are a zillion Turkish markets – it’s about like saying something is near the Starbucks. Did you go to the one on Maybacher Ufer? That’s one of the largest ones. It’s there on Fridays (and maybe Tuesdays). Here’s a cool piece of grafitti, by the way – – and ask you can imagine, there’s a whole lot more where that came from – both in terms of the ‘polished’ type like this and the really raw type.


  5. I was in Frankfurt at the beginning of last December. I took the ICE train t Berlin for 2 days and also stayed in Kreuzberg. I absolutely loved it, although it was snowy and cold as hell when I was there. Too cold to even go out at night and see the city lit up – and I’m from Canada! You’re pictures brought back some good memories and also gave a different perspective without the snow, Christmas markets and decorations everywhere!


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