My German Wife’s First Encounter with ‘Kitchen Kaboodle’ in Portland, Oregon

“That shit costs $25? BAW HAW HAW HAW HAW! Oh, you’re serious…” — Photo by Thomas (

Shortly after we were married, The Wife and I opened our wedding presents and were immediately shocked into generosity-comas. We were very grateful for the gifts we received from our friends and family members, especially because we were about to move to Germany and start a new life there. We needed all the help we could get. But before we left the States, we had to make use of the gifts we would not be able to use in Germany, like the $50 gift certificate we received to Kitchen Kaboodle.

Kitchen Kaboodle is a locally-owned kitchen, furniture and bath store with five locations in Portland, Oregon. It’s actually very well known for its wide selection of quality products, all of which are so far beyond our budget they’re practically in orbit. The word ‘kaboodle’ comes from the expression, “the whole kit and caboodle,” which can be interpreted to mean, “everything and more.” It’s a funny sounding name, so you can imagine my German wife asking me, as we parked our car and crossed NW 23rd…

“So what do they sell there at Kitchen Kah-Doo-Del?”

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  1. Oh god, I can hear my uncle saying that – a lanky, 6’8″ German farmer suddenly dropping everything he’s doing, spinning around, and asking excitedly, “Vat is dis, da Kitchen Kaboodle?”


    1. Yeah, it’s not our sort of store. Not yet, anyway. There’s always hope. :)

      I’m great! Thank you for asking, Amy. Everyone is primed to enjoy an early spring here in Niedersachsen. It’s very exciting. :)

      How are you?


      1. Easily repaired in outpatient clinic- thank goodness. I am still ordering the avocado tool. One never knows… The really classic aspect is the story we get to tell. My partner had had a long day at work (on the ‘avocado incident day’) then arrived home to see me dripping blood on the kitchen floor…turned to me and said, “You want me to take you to urgent care NOW?!” “Love is in the air…hmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmm…” ;)


  2. Wait… you’re making me homesick for a store I never went to before I even move thousands of miles from said store?
    How could you??
    Sincerely, Another Future Portland Expat Who Will Wash Up In Hannover Presently
    Seriously… what are the odds? But it’s comforting nonetheless.
    Thank you for making this blog, fellow stumptowner.


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