German-American Couple Returns to Portland, Oregon, for the 2013 Holiday Season

Good ol’ Big Pink, lookin’ like a dildo in a hurricane.

The Wife and I flew back to the United States for the holidays this year. We spent Christmas in Portland, Oregon, and New Year’s in Cannon Beach. You know what was weird about being back home? The fact that it wasn’t weird. I’d been in Germany for a year and 3 months, and the Pacific Northwest felt exactly the same way I left it; green, rainy and full of Subaru Outbacks.

We had a fantastic time with our friends and family, saw lots of familiar places and even returned to the same beach where we got married. It was a great trip, and I captured the experience in the following sequence of horrible photos taken with my iPhone (and without a lick of photographic talent).

Click one of the images below to start the slideshow. We hope you can dig it!

34 thoughts

  1. The pile of bikes is parking for the Zoo Bombers, a gang of hipster thrill-seekers. Periodically they will gather at night, disassemble the pile, and take the MAX to the zoo, then freewheel all the way down the hill.


  2. Enjoyed seeing your pics of Portland and Cannon Beach. I really miss Cannon Beach. Even though I live about a 2 hrs drive from a northern Spanish coast, it´s not like the Oregon Coast. Also, my mom and I had breakfast at Mother´s once. We did go on a Saturday morning but we were in downtown Portland early anyway so we were able to get a seat. Great memories. Nice pics. Thanks!


      1. It has been windy, wet, cold, and grey. Basically, a normal PNW winter. There is recent hope, however, that spring may be on it´s way as we have had clear skies, sun, and warmer weather. Looking forward to the change!


  3. Nice looking trip! We were there in Portland for a few days over the New Year’s Break with my kids and stayed at the Kennedy School. Always an enjoyable trip to Portland with the “Keep It Weird” slogan followed strictly by the citizens of Portland.


      1. Ah, we have friends down there and just like the McMenamins hotel chain, etc. It feels so good to get out if rainy Seattle and head south to rainy Portland. Plus there is no sales tax and the liquor is way cheaper in Oregon than Washington!


  4. OMG! Great photos (mostly), even though you say they are not. But the very best part is your commentary, as always! Felt like I was right there with you for every shot. And now I realize I haven’t ever seen the Will Farrell Hot Tub scene about the “little chickens,” so of course I MUST find that clip and watch it IMMEDIATELY! Would you STOP making me do that??! I have a LIFE, you know?! (Seriously. Keep writing; keep taking photos; keep posting them on your blog; and keep commenting. You so often make me laugh right out loud that I’ve taken to reading your posts only AFTER I’ve finished my fabulous morning latte. I hate when that expensive scalding liquid shoots out my nose all over my little iPhone screen. Precautions must be taken!) Thx for another great one!


  5. Excellent review of the trip. Very pleased that you included a close-up of the barf bag. I always make sure I know where mine is….yes, there is a story. I no longer sit next to the window- nor do I trap young Marines in middle seats.


  6. How did your wife pick you up at the airport when she was with you in Oregon? Personally I find it very weird to go back to the motherland. But I guess it’s because I don’t consider it home anymore. :-)


      1. Ohhhh, I did miss that one. It has a pig on it haha, I guess that’s why. Home is where the hubby is, currently Singapore.


      2. Singapore is way to expensive to settle haha, so no. We have no clue on where we’re going next, and hopefully it’ll take a while to figure out, since I just unpacked my last box from the last move 3 weeks ago!


  7. This makes me so homesick. (I also moved from Oregon to Germany, just this last year). I was living in Corvallis for 6 years and now I am near Frankfurt. Thank you for blogging; I love it.


  8. It’s weird how you can be gone for so long and come back to everything exactly the same. I know how you feel. I love those massage chairs, by the way. They’re pretty common over here, although I’m just a little too big for the Korean ones, so they don’t line up with my body perfectly


    1. I felt a little something after my parents visited us. It was like being visited by a piece of home, and then it went away. But other than that, not, not at all!

      Do you ever feel homesick? (I can’t remember if you live in your home state or not.)


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