Denglish 47: My German Wife Shops for American Baby Gifts

The Wife and I have a lot of friends, and they’re all having babies. All of them. So we’ve obviously learned a thing or two about buying baby gifts and shopping for baby showers. (I like to imagine “baby showers” as these David Lynchian nightmares in which absurdly pregnant women are bombarded by steaming-hot infants.) In advance of a particular baby shower in the summer of 2011, we went to a children’s clothing boutique in Portland, Oregon, at the Uptown Shopping Center on West Burnside called Mimi & Marc. There, we found a tiny outfit apparently intended for a newborn:

THE WIFE: “Look how small it is. Definitely for a fresh baby.”

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30 thoughts

      1. haha…no, unfortunately. The Germans are still unbeaten in that area.

        By the way, the Ugandan and German flags look very much alike, except our colour sequence is black, yellow, red. I always wonder how that happened…


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