Denglish 46: The German To-Do List for Complete Retards

Now, I’ll be real honest with you — this post doesn’t pertain to Denglish in any way. There are no mistranslations or German idioms lacking cultural context. This is just one blind swing in the endless series of haymakers which comprise my German wife’s sense of humor.

THE WIFE: “Why would a grown man need a to-do list? Am I your mother? No! So here is your list for today…

To-Do List for Complete Retards:

  1. Please eat something.
  2. Please clean the dishes afterward.
  3. Don’t forget to breathe.”

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18 thoughts

  1. I know some Germans that live through their day with a to-do-list.
    I remember it was kind of wired and funny at the same time. Made me wonder if I need one too ..


  2. Don’t you find that the Germans believe that they can do almost everything better than everybody else?! I love living in Germany, but boy do they think that the English are stupid!


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