Denglish 48: The German Discovers Dave’s Killer Bread

As you may have guessed, my wife is German. And as a German, she has a powerful taste for hearty bread — tough, dark and heavy — with as many seeds crammed into it as humanly possible. She calls it her, “Seedy Bread,” and during the summer of 2011, she discovered a whole new brand: Dave’s Killer Bread. She loves all of Dave’s Killer Breads, including Good Seed, Powerseed and Good Seed Spelt, but her absolute favorite is their seed-covered mini-baguette* (depicted). While at a Fred Meyer supermarket in Northeast Portland, I pointed to one of these baguettes and asked what she thought it was called, to which she replied…

THE WIFE: “It is a peace stick.”

*The Peace Bomb Mini-Baguette from Dave’s Killer Bread

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21 thoughts

  1. Ja, ja the Germans and their bread! I haven’t found good bread in my area yet so I just checked Dave’s website and found a store nearby that carries their Bread. I will check it out! Hope to find the Peace Stick :)


  2. Whole grain rye … bread that is, not “Schnapps” :) with “Thueringer Mett” :) on it … yummy, I think I’ll have some rightaway … Thanks, you made my day … your blog is so refreshingly funny. Love, cat.


  3. Well, I’m not sure. The variety was not really big. The store carried only a hand full of the sticks but a couple of different loafs of bread. That is good too.
    The cinnamon sticks really took me by surprise. I love cinnamon rolls and have a hard time to stay away from it. The cinnamon sticks are a welcome healthy alternative. :)


      1. right off of Glisan… near 28th. So not like, right beside Fred Meyer, (we shopped there). You know Red Flag? We went there all the time- also, Dave himself is killer, killer cool, super nice! everyone buy his bread. !!


  4. I love seedy bread as well. One time I bought spelt, which is looks like a big brown brick and weighs about the same. It was incredibly dense and the slightly tangy flavor was not bad. Another win for German bread.


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