Domino’s Pizza in Germany: How One American Expat Greets the Delivery Guy

Dominos Pizza Sign and heart smoke ring - I love pizza
“There’s only one way to say it: ‘I love you, Sir.’ ” — (Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Sign by Mr. Blue MauMau [] + Heart Smoke Ring by MattysFlicks [] — Both images have been altered and are subject to CC 2.0 License.)
I think I’ve made my love of Domino’s pizza delivery here in Hannover, Germany, pretty darn clear. It is not a love affair I even attempt to conceal. One thing you might not know, however, is exactly how I choose to greet these sweet, sweet, delivery boy angels who descend from Cholesterol Heaven to ring at my front door.

So, I recorded a terribly low-quality video — primarily for the sound — as our last pizza was delivered. One thing to note: the reason I start laughing in the middle of the exchange is because I indicated the following in my online order instructions:

Bitte schneiden die Pizzas ganz durch. GANZ DURCH. Das ist mein einziger Wunsch im Leben. Vielen Dank und bitte fahrt vorsichtig!

…which translates directly to…

Please cut the pizzas all the way through. COMPLETELY THROUGH. This is my only wish in life. Thank you and please drive carefully!

(NOTE: For reasons I will never quite understand, it is not standard practice for pizza places in Germany to cut their pies into slices. They let the customers do that for themselves. It drives me absolutely bugshit.)

Anyway, this is why the delivery guy mentions it again (“…ganz durch geschnitten.”), making sure I knew the pizzas had been sliced as requested. Please give this video a look and make sure you catch the part where my wife says from the kitchen, “Yaaaaaay! Awesome-awesome-awesome-possum, stimmts?”

Thank you for watching and have an awesome day!


14 thoughts

  1. I like the added message of “please drive carefully.” Sounds like the kind of veiled warning a villain might issue in a James Bond movie: “It would be a shame for you to meet with an accident, should the pizzas not be cut all the way through …” :)

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  2. I’m half tempted to send you an entire box of the extra pizza cutters I have in my kitchen drawer. Maybe you can start tying the tips to them and send them back to the store with the delivery boys!


  3. Yeah, pizza is not pre-cut to slices unless requested. Since they are usually small, personal pies (when ordered from an Italian pizzaria, never did Dominos or Pizza Hut in my 30 years I lived there) and Germans tend to use fork and knife to eat pizza it all makes sense.


  4. Haha I’ve found that good pizza is hard enough to come by where we live in the UK that I wouldn’t mind how it was cut. I’m more concerned that CORN is a topping served at dominos!


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