Pictures of Hawaii: An Interesting (and Expensive) Vacation on the Big Island

“Look honey, we’re in paradise! Let’s start bitching about it!”

I am currently working on a multi-part story of the recent vacation my German wife and I took to the Big Island of Hawaii. It was not the most relaxing trip we’ve ever taken, but it was one of the more exciting ones. However, before I get to that, I want to show you some of the pictures we took. (Mostly because, once again, I am pressed for time and unable to write a proper blog post.)

Please click one of the images below to start the slideshow and read the captions. (Because honestly, without the captions, this post just wouldn’t be worth your time. Do you really need to see a bunch of Instagram pictures of some magical island paradise while you’re sitting at work on Monday morning? That’s just mean.)

Thank you for checking out our pictures! Have an awesome day!


10 thoughts

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Well, except maybe the one of the cockroach — and those $3.99 cans of beer. But that David Bowie votive candle? Damn. I MUST GO TO HAWAII.


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