The 2013 Oktoberfest in Hannover, Germany – As Experienced by An American Expat and His German Wife

Hannover Oktoberfest Ride 2013
“How do you say, ‘Stop the ride, I’m gonna hurl’ in German?” — Photo by Kai Nehm (

You know us: I am an American expat, my wife is a wacky German, and together we live in Hannover, Germany. Once again, we ventured to the Hannover Oktoberfest at the Schützenplatz fair grounds. This year, we rode all the rides, listened to all the music, ate all the food and drank all the beer. ALL OF IT. We also filmed the entire thing, so you can experience it with us! Check out the video below:

WARNING: Video contains a few F-bombs and some other swear words. (And screaming. Lots of screaming. From me, a full-grown man.)

Would you like to see another one of our videos? Check out our trip to the “Hannover Adventure Zoo.”

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27 thoughts

  1. Was that guy dressed in a Winnie the Pooh costume? I’m fairly certain I saw a band in lederhosen singing John Denver’s “Country Roads.” That’s pretty awesome. Fabulous video and thanks for sharing! It looked like a lot of fun. :)


  2. Awesome video! Reminds me of the many Volks Fests I attended with my German wife when I was stationed in Stuttgart. Of course you probably did not get to see a large group of MPs and Polizie running through your fest to settle who gets what table in the bier tent, but it looks like you guys had a good time anyway. Its nice to see that even 25 years later that the bands are still playing the same traditional german folk music. ;-)


      1. Thanks! Very nice of you to say…might check out my latest post called Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of the Taxi Persuasion that I just posted. Might make you long for the clusterf*ck known as living in America…:)


  3. You know, of course, I watched every moment of the video. Everything one could want in a festival…f-bombs, hearing you scream like a little girl on the roller coaster (I am right there with you), John Denver and excellent beer under the tent, small children hurling in inflated beach balls…and that tingly wonderment while looking at the menacing sky; “will someone be struck by lightening while on the Ferris wheel?”

    I live for your outings. Give me best to your wife. You two are the best.


  4. Wow!! You guys had yourself some fun. I think the highlight for me was the creaky roller coaster at the end and the shrill cry of fear you had! Oh, priceless. There is nothing like it, right? The big ball looks fun, too. What happens if a kid wants to get off of that? I can see that being kind of nightmare for someone. Thanks for sharing your video!


  5. This was quite funny – and hilarious, and loud. But I enjoyed it a lot – and so it seems you did too!! I’m glad you had fun!! Thanks for sharing!


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