Video: Oktoberfest 2012 – Adorably Drunk Germans in a Beer Tent

NOTE: I am posting this video without the slightest hint of judgement or condescension. In fact, next year, I will don my own lederhosen and sing these Germans a real drinking song. Now, if only Americans had drinking songs…

Anyway, this video was recorded in a beer garden later in the evening during our Hannover Oktoberfest excursion. You can’t really tell from the audio, but it was ridiculously loud inside. Our voices quickly became raspy from shouting into each other’s ears… and also because those German sons of bitches were smoking inside the tent. Nothing against smokers; just keep it outside, you cancer dancers.

The Wife and I had an incredibly good time in this beer garden, and apparently everyone else did as well. Oh man, I cannot wait for Oktoberfest 2013. I’ve already got a sexy dirndl picked out for my wife. “Look what I got you for your birthday, honey! Try that shit on! Yub yub!”

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14 thoughts

  1. I couldn’t help noticing that you didn’t join in with the Schunkeln. Were you not drunk enough yet?
    Anyway, thank you for reminding me why I avoid beer tents like the plague. Glad you did enjoy it though.


  2. “Schunkeln” has nothing to do with alcoholic behavior, it’s part of the Volksmusik groove. Just watch Volksmusik Shows on TV – out in the country, having cake and coffee with Musik… they “schunkel” too :)
    But Sandra is right on – Ich hasse es auch wie die Pest! – as we would say it :))



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