Denglish 80: My German Wife Hilariously Reinvents the Rocking Chair

During that same drive home in early November of 2012, after my wife belched so loudly my ears rang, we started talking about ways to improve our house. These improvements will never happen unless one of us wins the German lottery, or I finally launch my career as an internationally renowned foot model. (Seriously, for a dude, my feet are beautiful.) But home improvements are still fun to talk about, so we discussed the idea of adding a second story, building a privacy fence around our yard, or perhaps even adding a front porch.

ME: “I like front porches. You’re still on your own property, but you can see everything and just sit there and relax…”

THE WIFE: “And have a rocket chair!”

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27 thoughts

  1. Maybe she’ll act as a rocket. I mean, if she can let out a mean burp then surely she’s just as skilled in the fart department! ;) (I can have a pretty scary sense of humor – sorry! LOL)


  2. As much as I like “rocket” chairs …. I get sick in them after a while :(
    That double rocking chair looks pretty cool though …

    LG Anja


  3. I love rocket chairs… playing, reading, there’s just the thing I can’t write and move all the time, it annoys me. LOL


  4. I love that! Once my Serbian husband told me and I quote, “knock yourself up.” I fell on the bed laughing. Maybe if I had a rocket chair, I could knock myself up. ? hum something to ponder.


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