Pictures: Oktoberfest 2012 – Hannover, Germany

This was the view as we approached the Oktoberfest fairgrounds. I was so excited I had to go pee pee behind that tree on the left.
This was the view as we approached the Oktoberfest fairgrounds. I was so excited I had to go pee pee behind that tree on the left.

In Hannover, Oktoberfest takes place at the Schützenplatz, which is an open area directly across from the AWD Arena (home of the Hannover 96 soccer team, and yeah, you heard me right, I just called it ‘soccer’). This year, Oktoberfest ran from September 28th until October 14th, and yet The Wife and I almost missed it! We kept meaning to check it out, but (my wife) couldn’t seem to find the time. I finally jogged past the fairgrounds one morning and noticed it would only be open for one more weekend. That’s when I finally convinced my wife we had to go.

“I ran past Oktoberfest this morning and there’s only one weekend left!” I exclaimed. “There were tons of beer tents in there! They even had roller coasters with Germans on them! Screaming Germans! I need this, honey. I need it so bad.

The Wife relented and we experienced our very first Hannover Oktoberfest together. It was AWESOME.

Here are the pictures we took that night. I’m sorry there aren’t more; I was too busy experiencing pure, unadulterated joy.

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22 thoughts

  1. I visited Oktoberfest in Munich and I too planned to do a post about the experience complete with pictures. Well that didn’t happen. “Someone” got inebriated quite quickly so we were only there for a short time before I had to steer said “someone” back to our friends apartment by their lederhosen suspenders. As you can tell, I had an amazing time.


  2. Sounds like your wife was somewhat reluctant to attend.. I guess after a while we all become a bit jaded about local events – darn tourists, darn misrepresentation of local culture, darn traffic – glad you had fun though :) Maybe you should make a project of attending Oktoberfest in every city nearby to compare and rate =p


  3. Glad you enjoyed your real German Oktoberfest!
    Most cities and smaller towns have a Fair through out the year. Münchner Oktoberfest, Hamburger Dom, Bremer Freimarkt u.s.w.
    BTW der Bremer Freimarkt (lit. Free Fair) , first held in 1035, is the oldest fair in Germany and considered to be the biggest festival in Northern Germany. :)


      1. I am sure you will find at the Bremer Freimarkt – hometown of Beck’s Beer – beer somewhere ;)
        If need to be, you can go to “das Bayernzelt” at the Bremer Freimarkt and have a Hefeweizen ;) ;)

        LG Anja


  4. Ha, I was there weeeeks before you. Unfortunately I was uber-pregnant, so couldn’t go on any rides and mereley functioned as a life-size coat hanger/cash mashine for my little monster who must have ridden every single kids ride and tried every single sweet treat on offer. It was a borderline miracle that he didn’t puke all over the place and probably only due to the fact that it started raining towards the end and we couldn’t sample the chocolate apples at the very last stall close to the exit. Fond memories…


  5. Yip, I sure was. Unfortunately with my likewise uber-pregnant sister and her 4-year old brat. I seriously doubt she would have enjoyed me getting all drunk with a random American Asylbewerber.
    On the bright side of things that unborn baby of mine isn’t quite so unborn anymore, so I’ll let him know that he’s to blame for all my recent and near-future brain lapses. We call this Schwangerschaftsdemenz and Stilldemenz.


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