Video: Oktoberfest 2012 – Our First Encounter with a German-Speaking Werewolf

This is a video I recorded shortly after we arrived at the Hannover Oktoberfest. It features a haunted house ride, at the top of which is a giant, talking werewolf.

I was entranced by the way his animatronic mouth kept opening and closing. It was hypnotic, especially because he was speaking German with some kind of ghoulish, Transylvanian accent. I don’t think Germans fully appreciate the menace their language can inflict upon American ears. There’s nothing else like it; when Americans hear a few harshly spoken German words, we know something really bad is about to happen.

But don’t get me wrong; everything about my wife is beautiful — her country, her culture… everything. It’s just that her native tongue is the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack of my nightmares.

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17 thoughts

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      I’ve had them for 7 months, and earned about $36 so far. You won’t be given a check until you make $100. You can turn them on, see what it’s like, and turn them off. No big deal.

      The way I look at it? I’m going to write this blog no matter what. I love doing it. Might as well explore every opportunity it brings, because it’s going to continue for as long as I enjoy doing it.

      You know?


      1. I meant like … House, CSI etc. When I’m in Germany watching American Shows, I get confused because I can always tell by the actors lips they are not speaking German and I can hear the sound of the voice does not match the body language.


      1. Honestly, I didn’t realize it was Thanksgiving until my iCal reminded me. :) I celebrated with a nice dinner with The Wife and a call to my family back home in the States.

        Now, Christmas, however, is an entirely different matter. I thought Christmas was a big deal in America… but here in Germany? Jeeeezus.


      2. I think every city and town in Germany opens a Christmas market throughout the entire month of December. The Hannover Weinachtsmarktjust opened yesterday, and I took some pictures of people setting up the booths. It’s crazy; like a magic little town inside an already magical town. God I love this place. :)

        I’ll definitely write about Christmas here.

        How about you? Big plans for the holidays?


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