Denglish 75: My German Wife Explains Urinary Hormone Levels

You already know my wife and I are disgusting. It should come as no surprise we have precious few boundaries where the bathroom is concerned. In general, we won’t walk in on each other when the door is closed. However, last winter, my wife was in the bathroom and the door was slightly ajar. I needed to pluck a nose hair in a big hurry or something, so I busted right on in and went to work. My wife was clearly peeing, as she is wont to do, and I noticed how strongly it stank.

ME: “Your pee smells so strongly.”

THE WIFE: “That’s because the female body has so much Ostesterone.”

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5 thoughts

  1. Love your posts! Not only did this make giggle, but it also made me feel like maybe my husband and I aren’t the only couple with little to no boundaries with one another. Sadly though I am probably the more “disgusting” one in our house. Eek!


  2. Funny! I want to hear you say “pluck a nose hair” in German :-)

    On a related note, my husband was away for a number of weeks recently and we could only communicate via skype. Oddly, every time we did, no matter the hour of the day, after a while of chatting I felt a strong urge to go to the toilet. At first I would tell him I’d call back after I was finished but as it kept happening I would simply unplug the laptop and take it with me to the bathroom. My husband’s dry comment: “I am just glad it’s only sight and sound and not also smell that’s transmitted on skype.” I love him.


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