Denglish 56: My German Wife’s Well-Intentioned Fitness Goals

My wife and I are fairly healthy people and we like to keep ourselves in shape. However, before we were married, my wife came to live with me while teaching primary school in the United States for a year; a 12-month span in which spare time became one hell of a valuable commodity. Between the two of us working full-time, planning our marriage, sharing one car, preparing our lunches in advance each evening, my German classes and her doctorate degree research, our exercise options were pretty much limited to joining a fitness club, where we hoped the financial commitment would guilt us into lifting something heavier than our totally awesome beer steins.

So, The Wife and I went back and forth over the issue of jogging around the neighborhood for free, or paying money to sweat it out with a bunch of grunting Philistines. My wife articulated her point thusly:

THE WIFE: “I really like the idea of gym membership right now because I wanna work out with you and then we both look incredible and feel healthy as shit!”

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15 thoughts

  1. Ve arrrr Hans & Franz, and ve vant to POMP YEWW OP! JA! Here ve ko! Ach! Djoo arrrr nicht dreddy! Vat deee Heil?


  2. Wait, back up… German Classes vs. Doctorate Degree?! Oh, ok. It’s about even then. The difference is that she will finish someday and learning German takes more than a lifetime. But you’ll both be healthy as shit so, it’s all good. LOL


      1. It would depend on what one considers exercise. I chase a golf ball now and then, but that’s about it. Compared to most Americans, probably not that bad; to most Germans, pretty lousy.


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