The Camping Chronicles: Timothy Lake, Part II

As you know from the first chapter of this story, we were camping at Timothy Lake, stuck next to another group of campers and their greasy teenagers.

With German efficiency, we tore through a half gallon of Canadian Club, chased it with a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and set out on the boat. Floating around the lake for a few hours, we laughed and enjoyed the hell out of our pubescentless air. When it was time to go back (and after a dozen false starts), the engine turned over and brought us back to shore. There, my wife and our other friends leapt gracefully from the boat and walked up the bank. I, however, gripped the handrail and attempted to slide off the bow like a manatee. I am still unclear exactly how this happened, but I found myself hanging from the side of the boat; my American butt cheeks dangling mere inches from the surface of the water.

“Help me! Help me! Help me!” I cried, but my pleas were rewarded only with laughter. Raucous laughter, especially from my wife. My arms grew tired and I knew I was going into the drink. “My iPhone! You asses, where’s my iPhone?”

“I have it,” chimed The Wife, just helpful as can be.

*SPLASH* I dropped into the water, feeling it wash into my shoes, under my coat and through my jeans; swirling like an icy maelstrom around my wedding vegetables. I emerged from the water soaked and shivering, and though I was prepared to greet hypothermia with open arms, The Wife marched me directly into our tent and put me into dry clothes as if I were some kind of big, stupid man-baby.

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13 thoughts

  1. Loving the post this morning – nothing like going in the drink to gain a different perspective:) Amazing no one could stop laughing long enough to help you avoid the drink – sometimes you lose all control with laughter.


  2. Nice. The image in my head is probably nowhere near as nice or flattering as the image of manatee success that you had pictured in your own mind when embarking on this power slide.


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