Denglish 92: My German Wife Is A Huge Fan of HBO’s A Game of Thrones

Digital Painting: Daenerys Targaryen - A Game of Thrones
Anybody else sportin’ some serious dork-chub right about now? — Digital painting by Sabrina Krilic (

My wife and I are huge nerds. She’s a philosophy nerd with a real nerd-boner for all of those fruitcakes comin’ outta ancient Greece. (She especially likes Plato, even though I unwaveringly refer to him as “Socrates’ little touch-puppet.”) I, on the other hand, am a science fiction and fantasy nerd. Books, comics, games — I love ’em all. (And when I realized the mysterious bad guy in Star Trek Into Darkness was Khan Noonien Singh, I nearly snorted a Cheerio up my nose.

For reasons I will never understand, my wife just cannot get into sci-fi. Space ships, laser beams, warp drives, lightsabers and aliens are all lost on her, even though sci-fi has clearly been predicting the future of technology since the 1960s and now serves as a beacon for all of humanity’s hopes and aspirations for entering into a golden age of enlightenment and prosperity the likes of which the galaxy has never known god dammit.)

But you know which genre my wife does like? Fantasy. She loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy and she owns all of the Harry Potter books (in German, by the way, which somehow makes them seem even nerdier). So of course we’re both crazy about the HBO series, A Game of Thrones. I read all the books and she listened to me rave about them. Then, after the TV series came out, we ordered the DVDs and had them shipped here to Germany.

The only bad thing about loving a series like this is when it comes to an end. As we finished the last disc one night, my wife turned to me, punched the pillow sitting on her lap and said:

“But I want to watch more King of the Thorns!”

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40 thoughts

  1. I finished “A Dance with Dragons” last month and I just can’t wait for the next book OR season four. I truly hope that old George will live long enough to finish the last books….


  2. This was a great one – had nothing to do with Denglish, though, as the mistake was not caused by direct translation from German into English, just a wrong word … My biggest one in that direction (can one use the words ONE and DIRECTION in ONE sentence still, please?) was mistaking tweezers and pincers … when describing how I removed unwanted hairs, that I do not shave but use a pincer instead … ouchie …


  3. I love that show too, but didn’t read the books. Can’t wait for the next season to begin and hope that the remaining Starks will kick some Joffrey butt ;)


  4. The Game of Thrones books drove me crazy. After 5 books or 5000 pages the story still is exactly where it was at the end of the first wonderful book. And it looks as if the last 2 will just never in our lifetime will get written. Very, very frustrating reading George RR!


  5. I don’t know if Harry Potter is nerdier auf Deutsch, but in German these already ridiculously long books become even longer… It’s all those extra letters to words that Germans feel they have to use!


  6. Love your blog and GoT
    I’m also married to a German lady ( born in Namibia) now living in Dusseldorf.
    I’m learning German at
    Great free teaching program BTW.
    Good Sci fi?
    Have you read Peter.F Hamilton, Alister Reynolds or Greg Bear ?
    Sci fi rules


  7. King of the thorns, haw haw, that`s great. I would have put that in Denglish, too. Its so easy to mix up similar expressions, but thats also creating a treasure of merry memorys. After over 20 years in Germany my family still uses words, that we once mixed up, als in-jokes, like calling our fellow neighbors “die Heimlichen” instead of “die Heimischen”.


  8. LOL. Dude, wish there were people like you in my circle of “friends”. Whenever I am stuck in a purely german conversational group where I can contribute nothing but a smile and a nod, I compose myself and imagine crawling out of Shawshank prison years later and having a torrent of english wash over my deprived soul. Also, I just finished Dance with Dragons and fervently hope that G.R.R. Martin doesn’t kick the bucket before finishing the series.


      1. Hey dude! Thanks! you made my day. :D

        I live in a small town called Attendorn in North Rhine Westphalia. All the meetup groups are elsewhere and the population of cattle exceed that of the people.

        Yeah I have had dreams of writing but I only usually manage to turn out something when I am down and depressed. I’ll definitely give it a go now since I have all the time in the world. Cheers!


      2. Definitely! I keep a steady antenna up for all things funny. Whenever I find it, I write it down, take a picture of it or record a video. Then the hard part is done for you and you don’t have to write from a place of depression.

        Good luck and I look forward to reading more!


  9. I know commenting here seems a little late, but I read your post about moving to a house and out of the dreaded apartment (I feel ya, at this point I wish I could stuff dog poop into my batshit crazy neighbor’s mailbox…) and then wordpress suggested this post.
    Being aware of all kinds of Denglish problems, I still don’t quite get the joke :) Anyway, I love your blog, I also love Game of Thrones and ASOIAF (how do you feel about season 5 so far?) and I’m wondering if you read the teaser chapters for The Winds of Winter?!
    All the best from Germany,
    have a good one!


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