Expat Life in Germany: Taking Day Trips to Hamburg

“Danish beer at the Hamburg Harbor? Clearly we are going to hell.”

Last weekend, my German wife and I took another one of our day trips to Hamburg, Germany. Like a big boy, I boarded the Metronom train all on my own in Hannover, switched trains in Uelzen, then met The Wife in Lüneburg. (And I didn’t get lost once!) Lüneburg is a super cute town, so we strolled around and ate lunch before continuing on to Hamburg. What follows is a 2.5 minute video of the journey, including lots of beer, rain, and one terribly deformed homeless person.

*** WARNING ***
Video contains a lot of swearing. You might want to cover your delicate little baby ears.

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9 thoughts

  1. omg, FAXE is the ONE brewery who gets it, all the other seizes are just “red bull shots”. I’m allways jumping in joy (on the inside cuz I’m obviously german). xD Hope you enjoyed your stay.


  2. Uelzen is a place I have been! I had my study abroad in Lüneburg and once took the train down that way on a Saturday. It was a religious holiday and the streets were eerily empty. No one around the entire downtown. Very spooky. But a cute town, and agreed on Lüneburg. I loved it there. I lived on bei der St Johanneskirche , behind the big central church, not far from the train station. My landlady/host mom was utterly bonkers.


  3. ….ohh meine Perle Hamburg!!
    I really miss my hometown Hamburg so much.
    Thanks for the Video.
    Since 9 month we live around the corner of New Orleans, a different world in the south.
    I miss the Hamburger U-Bahn so much, the public transportation. Lunenburg is really a cute city and Uelzen was the Hometown of my former college. ..a sleepy little town, he provided me with weird stories about Uelzen:-)
    He escaped to Berlin….
    Thanks for your excellent Blog.


  4. Ihate the useless red-light Ruhewagen. It makes me feel like a rotisserie chicken.
    Why does it yell RUHE? That seems counter intuitive.

    Does your wife teach in Lüneburg now that she finished her Referendariat?


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