Visiting Konya: Pictures and Videos from Our Trip to Turkey

So much tea, it will forever haunt my dreams…

As you may have read from our last post, my German wife and I recently enjoyed an epic trip to Konya, Turkey, and we had a blast. This post, however, contains the pictures we took, plus a video at the end, which will give you a nice summary of our experience in just 4.5 minutes.

Here are our pictures! We hope you like them!
Click one of the thumbnails below to start the slideshow and see the captions:

*** WARNING *** Video contains some colorful language. (Also, the sound quality absolutely blows, so you may need to adjust your volume settings higher or lower, depending upon which scene you’re watching.)

If you would like to read the original Konya post, check it out: Discovering Konya, Turkey: The Top 10 Preconceived Notions Dislodged from My American Brain

8 thoughts

  1. Loved it! Looks like the ladies don’t get to do any dancing–just the men, right? And they are required to pray behind a screen. I’d be so bored. Kinya is very different from Istanbul, the only city I’ve visited in Turkey. Glad you had a great adventure! Keep ’em coming!


  2. Were you on a tour or went everywhere on your own? It looks like a great trip and I’ve had others say to “go visit Turkey”…Rick Steves does have tours there.


  3. Those are some seriously “en güzel” photos. I spent a lot of time in Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, and got to visit Ephesus during my travels. I love Turkey to death; everything you said gets +1, although I am forbidden to partake of the beer and the tea (*bitter weeping*). Sounds like you had an amazing journey.


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