An American Man in Germany Finally Sits Down to Pee

“Quick honey, take a picture, for I have finally achieved my finest moment.” — Photo Credit: Gabriel Cabral — Subject to copyright — Image cropped from original size —

I have never been the sort of man who sits down when he pees. Quite the contrary, in fact. I have always taken great pride in my ability to remain standing while exorcising my bladder demons: the stance, the posture, the sigh and inevitable piss shiver… it’s all manly as hell. And if I ever had trouble starting the flow, I would chant a little mantra, saying, “And now I become… Urinatus” — and then imagine myself as a triumphant gladiator in ancient Rome, looming over a fallen enemy. I whip out my sweaty hog, salute Emperor Commodus and then piss all over my foe’s lifeless corpse. Ahhh, sweet victory.

As an upright urinater, I enthusiastically teased every single one of my friends who admitted to squatting when they make water. They claimed it “feels better,” or that it was “just more comfortable.” Hogwash! I’d say. Sitting down to pee is the white flag of the henpecked husband. It is the dying gasp of the masculine spirit. It is that final moment before a man’s testicles drop off and his penis withdraws back up into the visceral cavity, leaving behind a soft pink dimple which will soon blossom into a fully functioning vagina.

These are the things I would say, that is, before my German wife found us a house in which to live. We left our old apartment with its epically horrible neighbors and found ourselves a new home outside the city of Hannover in a nice, quiet, suburban neighborhood. Our new place is glorious. It’s all white, with big rooms and lots of light, and it has that perpetually clean look some houses just seem to retain. It looks so clean, in fact, I cannot bring myself to sully its ivory brilliance. I also cannot bring myself to clean this giant son of a bitch, especially because our new house has 3 separate bathrooms. Do you like getting your face right down next to the toilet bowl so you can scrub it? I sure as hell don’t, and that brings us to the point of this particular blog post.

“Look out toilet seat, here comes the hurricane!” — Photo Credit: dirtyboxface — Subject to copyright — Image adjusted for contrast —

You see, even I must admit that when a man pees standing up, there is an inevitable amount of splash back. Even if he keeps his urine stream right in the middle of the water in the bottom of the bowl — you know, where God intended — little droplets will unavoidably find their way out and splatter all over the place: the rim, the floor, the walls… after just a few tinkles, all of these things will be colored a fine shade of urethra gold. And they’ll be sticky too, so you gotta clean everything up regularly. (Unless your wife goes out of town for a week. Then you can mark your territory like a filthy dog right up until she gets home, when you clean everything in a frenzied panic 5 minutes before she steps through the door.) But I have decided to avoid this scenario entirely; I have chosen to sit down when I pee.

I am proud to say I have never once urinated while standing up in any of the bathrooms in our new house. The toilets and surrounding areas have remained spotless, and my wife and I are very pleased. Oh sure, it took some getting used to. For one thing, it takes a lot longer to piss when you gotta drop trow completely. I mean, you gotta put some effort into it — a little planning and forethought, am I right, ladies? Gone are the days when I could just snare my junk like a frightened rabbit and aim it at the big white hole, make it cough and then stuff it back before the flush cycle is over. I get it now. And to all those friends I mocked in the past? I am sorry. I too am a squatter, and I am proud to join your bare-assed ranks.


18 thoughts

  1. Good lord, man, you’ve done it again. I love Mondays because I can count on a post from you! I’ve never heard peeing described quite like that before… :-) I wonder if more American men would sit while peeing if their bathroom walls were white and they could see the splash marks. I have never heard of an American man cleaning his bathroom walls, but the day I saw my young son facing Commodus, feet at shoulder-width, hands on his hips proudly humming the national anthem while “gallantly streaming”, I thought perhaps it was a good day to teach him to do so.
    Sitting good. Standing bad.


  2. My ex and I settled this disagreement when HE was the one cleaning the bathroom. I had to sit down while peeing instead of just lifting my skirt and letting it all flow like nature had intended … :-P


  3. Ah, yes, the battle of the bowl…three sons and one husband later it’s still a battle. Maybe after reading your post the 3 out of 4 not complying will be moved to sit down and join you. As usual…your way of viewing your world is more than a laugh and a half. Vielen Dank!


  4. That’s it, hand in your man card. Cleaning isn’t that hard and it’s just pee. If you can’t handle cleaning up a few splatters once in a while, you will never be able to handle children. Babies piss all over everything! Wait until you do the midnight diaper and you are half asleep and your reflexes aren’t up to speed yet. as soon as you take it off they pee right in your face. No time to react, just a face full of warm baby pee. You will have it on your clothes, in your hair, on the floor, it’s everywhere man! So cleaning up a few drops in the bathroom to retain your dignity isn’t so bad.
    And don’t let me read about you wearing capris and tying a sweater around your shoulders. I will come pull that card personally. Do not become a European. ;) (pun was not really intentional, just kind of happened)


  5. I encouraged my German husband to stand and pee because it seemed sissy to sit. I now regret that decision, since he wouldn’t clean the toilet even if I was barfing my guts out. And we have a huge white bathroom too >.< *sigh*


  6. *chuckle*
    Congratulations!! I’m proud of you!! I know guys who wouldn’t even pee sitting down when they’re in a damned AIRPLANE!!
    But you really got it!! ;-)


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