German-American Couple Stumbles into Bizarre Free Show at the Staatstheater in Hannover, Germany

Staatstheater Hannover
Oh yes, that’s a German person in an Eric Cartman suit.

My German wife and I recently went to a free performance held at the Staatstheater in Hannover, Germany. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, and we had absolutely no clue what we were about to see. The show was called ‘Empört Euch,’ and it turned out to be a weird-as-hell vaudevillian performance featuring: people in fat suits; Eric Cartman singing about minorities at the water park; a unicycle-riding, shotgun-toting Teletubby; three idiots dressed up as twirling ladybugs, a frightening, spastic pantomime, an eardrum rupturing cover of the Tom Waits song, “The Black Rider;” and finally, a concert by a scary ‘bastard pop’ group.

WARNING: Video contains a few F-bombs.

If you’d like to learn more about that band playing at the end, check out Rainer von Vielen.

Click here to learn more about the term “Culture Shock.”

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20 thoughts

  1. When my university was preparing a bunch of mostly-very-sheltered college kids to take off on our various Studies Abroad, they gave us just one phrase to deal with culture shock- “It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just different”. That was very, very… different.


  2. Interesting and bizarre…love the warning/spoiler about the F-Bombs…these days when celebrities are exposing themselves on TV or almost (think Janet Jackson and/or Miley Cyrus), and a frustrating father shoots his daughter’s laptop on You-Tube, I’m thinking a few F-bombs are pretty tame in comparison! :) Thanks for the post.


  3. This was quite weird to watch – but I had tons of fun listening to your comments – and I could imagine you were quite amused… tell me when I’m wrong. *grin*


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