Denglish 82: My German Wife Ridicules My American Bathroom Habits

To be perfectly honest with you, this post isn’t really about Denglish. It doesn’t concern German or English, or the hilarious mistranslations and linguistic mash-ups which can occur between the two. No, this post is about my wife’s sense of humor, and how she wields it like a blind Viking at an axe-throwing competition.

Back when we were living in the States, The Wife and I went shopping every week. We kept a meticulous shopping list and updated it the moment we started to run out of something important. We were constantly adding items to the list — it was common practice in our household — so you can imagine my surprise when, out of nowhere, she hauled off and announced:

THE WIFE: “We are down to our last roll of toilet paper. We need to add it to the shopping list because YOU definitely won’t stop poopin’.”

Click here to learn more about the term “Denglish.”

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35 thoughts

  1. Though I’ve lived in America most of my life, my mother was German and once, while we were watching Bonanza on Television, she commented on how much she liked “Benwright Cartwheel”. I think it’s genetic.


  2. Love the shopping list. In our household I am the lone keeper of this important piece of paper but husband frequently expresses how impressed he is because I remembered to buy new (insert finished item here) for him.


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