Denglish 73: How to Really Listen to Your Spouse, According to My German Wife

As I’ve said half a dozen times before, my wife speaks fantastic English. Better than any other German I’ve met. However, there are times when I am uncertain she truly understands everything I’m saying. I suspect my points are sometimes lost in translation, and other times she is outright ignoring me.

My latter suspicion was plainly the case back in early 2012, when I finished an impassioned monologue concerning the expected advantages of Adobe Creative Suit 6 over version 5.5:

ME: “… and that’s why in CS6 you will be able to… hey, are you even listening to me?”

THE WIFE: “I heard you. What’d you say?”

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11 thoughts

  1. I had a shitty call center job repping Adobe products back when Creative Suite was first launched… In fairness, even *other professional Adobe users* started to zone out when you describe the upgrade path.


  2. Hahaha, love your wife! I suspect she is just taking advantage of English not being her first language in order to avoid having to listen to you. I bet millions of wives all over the world envy people like her and me because we have this option while they don’t. Eat your heart out bitches!


  3. Beats complete, unanswering silence and a blank stare, I suppose. Or a question or statement completely unrelated to your monologue. I get that a lot. Sends me around the bend.


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