Pictures: My Lufthansa Flight from Portland, Oregon, to Hannover, Germany

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, I flew with Lufthansa Airlines from Portland, Oregon, to Hannover, Germany. This was a fortuitous date, apparently, because employees of Lufthansa went on strike right before my flight and immediately after. I totally threaded the needle on that one, like Tom Berenger in Sniper — “One shot, one kill.”

I arrived without problem in the arms of my wife on Monday afternoon, September 3rd (a day later, because the flight from the US to Germany is one long mother).

Also, the Lufthansa strike is over, thankfully, because I have a massive flight-crush on Lufthansa and I would hate to see my winged lover’s reputation sullied.

Here are the pictures from my intercontinental journey. Click one of them to open the gallery. Let us know if you can dig ’em!

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29 thoughts

  1. Glad you make it between LH work stoppages! The Germans are so considerate when they strike. “We’d like to notify you that we’ll be on strike for 3 hours between 10 am and 1 pm next Monday.” None of this US nonsense of “We’re gonna strike until we get what we want and we’re not gonna even give you a heads up.”


  2. Thanks to you, my neighbors now think I have some sort of respiratory ailment that makes me snort uncontrollably. Seriously, though: your captions are laugh-out-loud hilarious. Thanks … I needed that.


  3. Dude, flying into the `Schland from the East Coast of the U.S. is a few hours shorter than flying from the Left Coast. But what do I know, I got used to 10-hour one-way flights between the U.S. and Chile … anything shorter than 10-hours and I get *antsy* …

    More beer, however, should solve just about anything ….


    1. Oh man, you’re accustomed to 10 hour flights? Horrible.

      I’ve been to Africa twice, flying into Cape Town both times. That’s 14.5 hours in the air, one way.

      My friend, please help me make Star-Trek style teleportation into a reality. :)


      1. Hey, I’m a Capetonian with German heritage, I’ve enjoyed reading this immensely so far. I love seeing your perspective from an ‘Merican perspective, since I spent a little time over in Germany as well with some of your countrymen, playing Baseball, of all things. Hope you enjoyed it over on this side of the planet. What did you get up to here? (I bet you were surprised the Lions don’t roam the streets, and you landed on a tarmac landing strip…. hehehe. Kidding.)


      2. Cape Town is awesome as always. Winter is making it clear that it will not be forgotten. We don’t get much snow here, but we just got some serious coverage on the local mountains. You should definitely bring the Wife for a visit of this awesome place (if she hasn’t been yet).
        Keep it real. Cheers


  4. I, my wife and three children were on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Phoenix. Towards the end of the flight, the steward asked my wife if the three were our children. After she replied yes, he said, “They are beautiful and well-behaved. You should breed more.” High praise indeed.


  5. Glad to read (& see) you arrived safely. Fantastic that you threaded the needle of striking, as you put it wonderfully. I personally think that it happened on purpose. Lufthansa does not delay lovers… :-) Have a great time back in Deutschland!


      1. Routine is good. It’s solid, reliable, and very German!
        Things are good with me. I am leaving for FRA in 6 days (with a connecting Lufthansa flight out of CHI). I have a collection of folded shirts and pants awaiting their entry into a rather large suitcase, and I am restraining my excitement so I don’t overdose and find myself staring at the ceiling for hours at a time. :-D
        Thanks so much for asking!


      2. I’m going to visit my gf in Mainz. She’s lived in Germany since she was 9 years old. No special reason except to spend time with her. I am meeting her parents for the first time, which is quite special. :-)


      3. We shall see if the Germans will have me or I will have them! :-D

        I have a post in the making on ‘schadenfreude’ & I don’t know whether the Germans will bode well my American smile, or whether I can commiserate with their smiling while complaining! :-)


  6. Oh, about that Courtyard by Marriott on the Maschsee? Nothing special there, but they did do one nice thing for me. I happened to be in Hannover around the time of the Maschseefest on a business trip, and they were very accommodating about keeping the business and pleasure billing separate for me to avoid expense report complications.


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