Denglish 68: My German Wife Describes an Instance of American Flatulence

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know my wife and I are not the least bit shy about ripping ass in front of each other. We think it’s hilarious, and we even compliment one another on the volume level, duration and bass of our flatulence. We have an especially good time breaking wind in bed, where we are more likely to be entangled in a close embrace from which neither of us can escape. And this is the reason why, back in October of 2011, I grabbed my wife’s wrist and rolled over onto my side so she was forced to spoon me. I then proceeded to rip a healthy amount of ass directly against her legs, to which my wife replied…

THE WIFE: “I felt your fart on my knees. You flexed your butt muscle.”

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18 thoughts

      1. Absolutely, its proven couples who are comfortable, snoring, burping, farting in front of each other do have a stronger bond. So you guys are in the right direction


  1. Bah, it’s not a real competition if you don’t rate the quality, i.e. stink and tenacity as well. I am proud to say that I usually win our little fart competitions hands down.


  2. it’s always good to have humor about that in a marriage. You got to laugh at each other sometimes, or all the time. :) Glad you can still have fun with farts. lol


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