Denglish 67: A German Teacher on Child Discipline

My wife is a Gymnasium teacher, which, in American terms, means she works with students from 5th grade all the way up through high school. She’s basically a really high-end prep school teacher, and her students are some of the best and brightest Germany has to offer. Additionally, these students want to be in school; acceptance into a Gymnasium is based upon academic merit, and students must graduate from a Gymnasium before they are allowed to attend a university. Combined, these factors contribute to a focused educational environment without much need for corporal punishment.

My wife, however, spent the last year in the United States as an assistant teacher at a primary school, where she worked with children from kindergarten through 5th grade. You can imagine the stark contrast in maturity she experienced working with a bunch of snot-nosed ankle biters in America. Although she is not a fan of physical punishment, my wife voiced her frustration with one of the more unruly children thusly:

THE WIFE: “I am not saying to spank the child, but sometimes diamonds are made under pressure.”

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14 thoughts

  1. My mother is German, and she would not suffer the unruly; her way or the pain highway. Also, my son is dating a German girl who is about to enter university; she speaks better English than I do (foul wench). It’s refreshing to hear proper English the way it was once spoken!


  2. I feel sorry for your wife. That is really a different work environment. I used to hand out green, yellow and red cards. It worked absolutely well :)


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