Denglish 54: My German Wife Answers Nature’s Call in Washington D.C.

During the long-distance portion of our relationship, The Wife and I flew several times between Frankfurt, Germany and Portland, Oregon in order to see one another. My wife has flown into every international airport in America, so she’s quite the travel veteran, but there’s no getting around the fact that the distance between Frankfurt and an airport like Washington Dulles is over 4000 miles — or approximately 9 hours of flight time — and that is a very long wait when you don’t like going poo poo on airplanes. So, during one such trip, as my wife was trying to make her connecting flight in D.C., she sent me the following text message:

THE WIFE: “I need to use the bathroom. I will first go through security and then I will lay my egg.”

Click here to learn more about the term “Denglish.”

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20 thoughts

  1. looool, jesus christ, you and your wife are hilarious. and then ‘i will lay my egg’ – i laughed out loud. so SO funny. and i like the new header. and you live in portland?!! have you seen portlandia? i swear to you, i can’t get enough of that show. it’s like crack for me… :) sweet mother


  2. The thing is not only that it is hilarious … I am familiar with the way your wife describes most things. It makes me almost make me feel like home when I read: “And this is what the WIFE has to say. I just love it.
    I haven’t heard this one in a long time.
    And those long flights really suck :)



  3. I haven’t seen anyone else use the word “poo-poo” in too long a time. It’s actually a very nice word. My Jack Russell will “poo-poo” on command…well, almost. That’s her favorite word.


      1. I minored in it in college … though I admit that I don’t speak it well at all now. My husband and I traveled in Germany a couple of years ago, and we found that I could understand it pretty well but not produce much, and he could produce it but not understand, so we made a pretty good team! I’m also half German, so I have a healthy appreciation of the folk and the culture.


  4. “Lay my egg.” That is very…um…evocative!

    By the way, thanks for liking one of my blog posts the other day! You have some amusing stuff here yourself.


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