Denglish 53: Proper German Conduct for Hawaiian-Themed Bars

Back in February of 2011, The Wife decided to join me for my German class at Portland Community College (PCC). We had a few hours to kill before class, so we stopped at a Hawaiian-themed karaoke bar on North Interstate called Alibi, where I ordered a big, steaming pile of macaroni salad. Immediately, I began complaining about the food and the fact that I didn’t feel like going to German class that night, which earned me the following rebuke:

THE WIFE: “Don’t be a dick in a tiki bar.”

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10 thoughts

  1. Au weia :)

    and ….did you go to the German class?
    My husband hasn’t decided yet to take German classes. Instead he likes to use me as a walking dictionary and complains about German words that are as long as his arm. That always kills me …



      1. Going. Thanks for asking. My friends read it, my husband doesn’t. He’s in the dog house. Again. Will he *ever* learn? Ha ha!


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