Denglish 52: My German Wife Uses My Awesome Nicknames Against Me

I use a lot of nicknames when I greet familiar people. Friends, family members, co-workers… no one is safe. On the fly, I come up with nicknames like “fruity cakes,” “jack weasel” or “slobber jockey,” and these are just the PG rated versions; you should hear the really nasty ones I reserve for my closest friends. My wife, however, has no regard whatsoever for our American content rating system, so in May of 2011, she asked me…

THE WIFE: “How are you doing my little monkey fart?”

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15 thoughts

  1. Most endearing thing I’ve ever heard since my wife called me “Thimble Dick” and threw me out of bed. Very touching…


  2. Anything “monkey” is still cute, don’t you think? As long as the animals don’t get bigger duing your marriage to your sweet girl you should be okay :) Love, cat.


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