Denglish 44: The German Goes Nuts For Deez Nutz

Initially, The Wife and I conducted our relationship long-distance, which obviously meant we had no physical contact with one another. If you’ve ever known the heartwrenching torture that is a long-distance relationship, you also know a little something about longing. My wife would often articulate her feelings of longing thusly:

THE WIFE: “I can’t wait to hug you and hold you in my arms again! Also, I am horny as a crazy person.”

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5 thoughts

  1. Hahaha, sounds like taken out of one of our conversations back when. It is not fun to be horny as a crazy person, I can tell you from first-hand experience!
    Anyway, I suppose you are familiar with the term “Guten Rutsch!” and a Happy New Year for you and The Wife.


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