Denglish 26: Taking A Trip to the Big Apple? Don’t Worry About the Little Things.

Anticipating our trip to New York back in 2010, I was worried something might go wrong to prevent us from fully enjoying our vacation. I shared with my wife how much it would suck if our bags were lost. What it our flights were cancelled? What if one of our family members got really sick?

THE WIFE: “I hope everybody stays alive until we get to New York.”

(Apparently, my wife would not have been terribly inconvenienced if, upon our arrival at JFK, our loved ones all marched gleefully into Death’s cold embrace.)

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2 thoughts

  1. Okay, I seriously just snorted coffee out of my nose just looking at your banner photo…LOL. I grew up in Germany, so I know what you’re saying. Since I grew up there, and am half German, I’m sure my husband would also understand and appreciate what you’re going for here. K, now I have to go through more of your posts…


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