Denglish 25: A German Wife Uses Google Chat Emoticons to Defeat Her American Husband

In Google Chat, you can type “<3” and a little heart will jump to life in your chat window, conveying love and affection to your conversational partner. Of course, all your good intentions go right out the window when you’re typing with an über-competitive German woman:

ME: “I love you! <3 <3 <3!”

THE WIFE: “<3 x 100! What do you say now? :) ”

Click here to learn more about the term “Denglish.”

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5 thoughts

  1. Hey there – just saw the name popp up and thought I’d stop by. If your wife really is German than let me tell you this you are one lucky guy – because over here we sure know how to make ’em (I’m a half/half mutt if you hadn’t guessed btw.). In any case hang on to her – she will be the best thing that ever happened to you – many blessings to the both of you, K.


  2. Oh, brilliant, you were using an ü! How did you do it?
    Copy and paste?
    Insert special character?
    German keyboard?
    I have an English keyboard but I change it to German in Windows. Drives The Husband mad when none of the special characters match muahahahaha.


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