Denglish 18: Severely Chapped Lips Fail to Impress My German Wife

I have dry skin and full lips (for a dude), and I often find myself complaining about how easily they chap:

ME: “God my lips are chapped. I don’t deserve this at all! I use ChapStick like a crazy person and I always remember to put lotion on my lips after every shower. This is bull crap.”

THE WIFE: “What is a chap stick?”

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7 thoughts

  1. Ha Ha! I started reading your blog because I’m an American living in Germany, and I don’t know why but some of the mis-translations are sooo funny. The worst, however, has got to be when you’re struggling to speak to someone in Deutsch and after allowing you to butcher their language for a hot minute, they say, “I speak English. What do you want?”
    This happened to me the other day at McDonald’s.


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