Denglish 11: British English v.s. American English – A German Perspective

As mentioned in Denglish 9, my wife grew up learning British English. Perpetually open minded and always respectful, she had this to say about it:

THE WIFE: “I don’t like British English. It sounds like they have a stick up their butt.”

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5 thoughts

  1. Argh, how does she dare! As a German who lives in Scotland, every time my cousins in the US of A open their mouths my ears are about to implode. For the sake of god, it’s can’t (kɑːnt = cannot), not can’t (Kent is a place in the UK)!

    Your wife is hilarious though ;)


      1. Uh, well … technically I’m now in Australia. I studied in Scotland for one year, now down under, will return to Scotland for at least another two years. But I’ve lived in another former British colony, so another year of British English habituation for me :D


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