Should You Hug Your Dog or Not? (Seriously. This Is Being Debated.)

Should you hug your dog or not? Is hugging bad for dogs?
Wait, people are actually arguing about this?

Do dogs like being hugged? Do they hate it? Does it freak them out? Does hugging cause anxiety or other undesirable reactions? Is it dangerous to humans and dogs alike?

In this video, I attempt to express my highly unprofessional — and terribly hungover — opinions regarding this hotly debated pet topic.

(Also, I can’t believe we even have to talk about this.)

Thank you for watching and have an awesome day!


10 thoughts

  1. It depends on the dog. We had a dog (that we adopted from neighbors who moved out of the country) and if you were sitting on the floor or on the lawn, etc. he would sit in your lap (he was at least 65 lbs.) and loved to be hugged.


  2. I agree with your other readers, OGM: To hug or not to hug depends entirely on the dog (just as it does with people). Sadly, YOUR opinion is missing from this debate because I can’t view your highly unprofessional and terribly hungover video. :( If you also posted it on You Tube, can you share the link?


      1. It simply didn’t display, unfortunately — there was a big empty white spot where your hungover goodness should have been. But as I type this it occurs to me I should try accessing it on my home computer, with my VPN. I’ll give that a shot tonight …


  3. Hugging should be alright. What I don’t get is humans ‘kissing’ their dogs, meaning letting them lick their mouth (and maybe even even frenching them back).

    By the way, really nice blog you got there. I just recently stumbled across it through WordPress Discover. Sehr gut gemacht, weiter so!


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