Beagle Puppies in Germany: A Heartstoppingly Adorable Experience

Our Beagle Puppy 7 Weeks Old
“Oh, am I so unbelievably cute it hurts? Yeah. Real sorry about that.”

So, there’s “food porn,” which is the spectacular visual representation of foods boasting lethally high fat content, and we have “car porn,” which consists of high resolution photos of penis-extending luxury cars, and we have “architecture porn,” which is all about pictures of insanely expensive and/or freakishly impractical buildings. Basically, there’s a form of photo porn out there for just about every subject you can think of.

Originally, I wanted to title this post, “Doggie Porn,” “Beagle Porn,” or “Puppy Porn,” but none of these options would have kept me in the blogging business without sporting a shiny new pair of handcuffs. Instead, I chose to focus on the unbearable cuteness of the beagles my wife and I have seen throughout our journey to find the perfect new addition to our German-American family.

Please click one of the images below to start the slideshow and read the caption information. (WARNING: “Cuteness Overload” is a very real health danger. Do not proceed if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke.)

We picked up our puppy from the breeder on October 29th, 2016, and our lives have since been forever changed. His name is Yeti — pronounced “yeh-dee” in America, and “yay-tee” in Germany. (They also spell it Jeti over here, which is kind of badass.) So, you can expect a HELL of a lot more beagle posts in the future, whether you like it or not. ;)

Okay, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading and have an awesome Monday!


23 thoughts

  1. too damn cute… hide your shoes…lol. Puppies are the best. Enjoy, because eventually they all turn into little assholes waking you up with that cold nose at 5:30 am…lol ( mine are crated at night, but instead they bark at 5:30 am. first a little bark and then it gets progressively louder and more frequent.. but still fun. )


  2. You know why God made puppies so cute? Because otherwise we’d kill them! Ha ha. As Liane observed, you’re in for some unexpected wake-up calls and shredded shoes. But I promise you it’ll all be worth it — at least if my own puppy experiences have been any indication. CONGRATULATIONS, and please bring on the gratuitous puppy posts!


      1. Absolutely!
        The own child is always the most ingenious and prettiest, whereas other babies can be really obtuse and deformed creatures.
        We got a Retriever six years ago. We must introduce ourselves: what we learned, what we have and what we earn … As she was satisfied, we were granted to get a whelp from the next litter. Six month later, my wife went in to the kennel and reach out her hand. The whelp who comes first is yours! This is as simple as useful.


  3. You never know, you may have gotten lucky and chosen a pup that isn’t too mischievous. We brought home our little guy Huxley, a French Bulldog puppy just over a year ago and he surprised the shit out of us by only ever chewing/destroying one thing that was not one of his toys. Also, now that you have an adorable puppy, you will suddenly notice how much more friendly people can be. However, do not expect them to get to know you by name, you will just be Yeti’s owner.


  4. Hello,

    I have been struggling with the quarantines and decided that I need a dog in my life. I had a Beagle back in the states and would like to own another one here. Its so difficult to find a breeder. Which breeder did you purchase your dog from?


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