Weirdest Google Search Engine Terms Used by an American Blogger in Germany

Don’t let that innocent face fool you: He’s googling ‘german he-sluts in tartar sauce.’ — Image Credit: Johan Viirok ( — Subject to CC 2.0 License.

Have you ever taken a real close look at your internet search history? Even just the past week or so? Without benefit of context, pretty much every single phrase you’ve used over the past 7 days will make you sound like a dangerously lonely sociopath.

So, for this post, I’ve taken screenshots of my latest search engine terms. Sometimes I was searching for funny images for blog posts I was writing at the time. Sometimes I was genuinely curious about a freakishly random topic. Other times I wanted to find a funny article or video I’d seen recently. And a few times I was making sure some joke or obscure reference I wanted to write about had not been written by anyone before. But most of the time I was just being me; an American expat slowly losing his mind in Hannover, Germany.

Please click the first thumbnail image below to start the slideshow. (WARNING: Some screenshots may [definitely] contain explicit/offensive terminology):

What about you? Which of your own search terms put a sick little smile on your face? The comments section is WIDE open…


14 thoughts

  1. Okay, now I want to know what comes up when you google “Mormon first base”!

    I’m a translator. I have to google weird shit all the time. I blame it on the clients ;-)


  2. Yeah, a true serial killer in the making. It sounds like you are just hanging out with the dogs and monkeys, my friend. Just hanging with dogs and monkeys. (Now that is something for you to google!). :-)


  3. I just checked my own history and it’s way more prosaic than yours. The most interesting term is “duck l’orange” but other than that, nothing I could not post on an open forum, except for all the addresses I have searched for directions while on the road :).


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