My German Wife Turns a Smile into Geometry

“Smiling so hard it’s making me dizzy.” — (Image Credit: bigbirdz [] Subject to CC 2.0 License.)
I make a habit of seducing my wife with honeyed texts and come-hither emails, and I know I’m doing it right when she replies with perplexing German expressions like these:

“Totally… I’m red like a tomatoe in front of my computer, and I am smiling in circles.”*

*From the German expression: “Lächelnd in Kreisen,” which literally means, “to smile in circles.”


2 thoughts

  1. Making my home in Italy and choosing to write text messages in a second language…I can only imagine the mistakes I make. Believe me when you write in a second language – it seems perfect when we hit send, its the end audience (normally my boyfriend) that always the fun job of interpreting.


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