2012 – Funny Things

I can feel your Scoliosis meme Your ECard
For that special moment at your wedding — the first dance — when you realize American health insurance may never pay to straighten out your spouse’s spinal chord. (Note: My wife wants you all to know she does not have Scoliosis.)
Prost German wedding cost drunk meme Your ECard
Germans may never understand why American weddings can bankrupt a young couple. (Because it’s tradition, honey!)
Ecard Meme Germany low birth rate - Germans don't have babies anymore
It’s true! The birth rate in Germany is at its lowest since 1946. (Something big, worldwide and unfortunate happened just before then, I think.)
wiener schnitzel joke right arm lost your ecards
Have you ever eaten Wiener schnitzel before? They fry the holy bejeezus out of it. Kinda like chicken fried steak here in the United States.
bratwurst and warm beer your ecards meme
Germans typically don’t drink their beer ice cold, like we do. And no matter how they defend this preference of theirs — no. It’s gross.
Rammstein Du Hast lyrics funny your ecards meme
Singing Du Hast by Rammstein is a great way to learn a little German. Try it! That angry-sounding German accent helps frighten AND motivate you!

14 thoughts

  1. All good ones! Hard to pick a favorite. I like the wedding one because I can relate. Also the last one, whatever it means! And your comments about warm beer. Why ever WOULD you drink it this way.


  2. Were that the only beer I could get I’d drink it. Actually some beers do taste better when they are not super cold. But not all. Thanks for stopping by the bistro. I need to find a rocket chair.


  3. Dude, who put up this stuff about Germans drinking warm Beer? No German i know (including myself) likes warm beer. It’s gross.
    And i think your wife might have told you the same; )


  4. Hi there,
    I really love your website. It’s funny and interesting to read about whar others think to know about germany. Most of the things written here are actually correct. (thumbs up)
    But one thing I need to make clear: We absolutely don’t drink warm beer. We germans even defined exact temperature ranges for optimal storing and drinking beer. (http://www.brauer-bund.de/bier-ist-genuss/optimale-trinktemperatur.html)
    For storing: 4-7°C (39-45°F). For drinking: 5-8°C (41-46°F).
    We even have apprenticeships to become a beer sommelier, where you learn all about beer (because like there are wines for specific occasions or meals, there are also beers). For example there is the most expensive beer: brewing takes 76 days, only 1000 bottles are produced and handfilled, a bottle costs about 270€ ($348).
    So, Prost!


    1. “Cellar” temperature, right? We Americans like to tease and call that “warm.” Well, I do, anyway. :)

      Thank you for the great information, Carsten! Glad you liked the blog.

      Please come back often and have a wonderful day!


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