Barcelona, Spain: The City of Counts, Gaudi and Catalonia

"Dude, this Goudy character has this city by the BALLS."
“Dude, this Goudy character has this city by the BALLS.”

My German wife and I recently visited Barcelona, Spain. We had an awesome time: beautiful weather, great museums and a fanastic art and culture scene. Of course, it was so painfully hot at night — and the A/C in our rented apartment didn’t work — so we had to sleep with all the doors and windows open, and our naked bodies draped in wet towels so we didn’t die of heatstroke, but still! Awesome!

Now, on an unrelated note, my computer died last week. I am curently waiting for my new computer, and the wait is absolutely killing me. See, I’m writing this post using my wife’s laptop, with its insane German keyboard. So many extra keys! And they’re all in different places, with wacky symbols on top of them! Why, oh sweet Jesus why, is the “Y” key way down here by my left pinky finger? And why must I hit shift+# to make an apostrophe? Holy Christ this sucks! So if you see a ton of typos in my next couple of posts, I want you to blame my wife. Blame her entirely. For being German.

Anyway, please click one of the photos below to start the slideshow. Welcome to Barcelona!

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  1. I was in Barcelona in 78, what a beautiful city. We were staying in Lloret de Mar, which is up the coast from Barcelona. Made the mistake of going to British a pub, where the entertainment was a bunch of British sailor’s having one hell fight. Plus, the bartender was nice enough to add a little extra to my drink. Never knew what it was, nevertheless I was having some phenomenal multi-colored hallucinations. Oh, the memories!
    Nice photos


  2. Awesome photos and cool captions! It took me a few months to get my hands used to the German keyboard. I think the most used key that took the most used to geting used to the new location was the @. Also what’s with the two different Alt keys? I still mix the Z and Y when I think in my mind I’m doing it correctly, but that’s the problem. I’m thinking about the switch, and my mind switches back to the English layout. Maybe you should buy a separate German keyboard to plug into your [new] laptop, so you can slowly get used to it.


  3. Haha, try using a French keyboard. You eventually get used to the AZERTY layout, where accented and special characters have priority over numbers (you need to press Shift for that btw) and a lot of keys seemed to have been popped off and scrambled by the meanest but oh-so-chic office pranksteur. In the meantime constant typos will essentially lock you out of online banking and anything else you need to access quickly. Never judge people and their smartphones and tablets. Those might very well be the only things helping them keep their sanity!


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