This is the conductor’s booth in the caboose. I pushed all the buttons and pulled all the levers, but the train simply would not jump the tracks and run off a cliff.


2 thoughts

  1. Yeha, Mallorca. I’ve been there ten times and theres still a lot to discover! Do you think you would have made this trip if you haven’t met your “german wife”? I mean its not just around corner when you live in seatle. ;)

    Omg, I’m loosing my english gramma…if it ever existited. “Would have made” past perfect?


    1. Sheeeeit no I would not have gone to Mallorca if not for my German wife. I’m 100% interested in Germany, and I still have so much more of the country to see.

      Wow, 10 times? Cool! Which is your favorite of the little towns and villages?


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