Helping Our Friends Adopt Kailane Santos, a Beautiful Little Girl from Brazil

Why is this picture so blurry, you ask? Because NO camera can handle this much cuteness.

Okay, so yesterday was Christmas Day. You may have enjoyed this loving and joyful holiday celebrating the birth of a magical 8 pound, 6 ounce, newborn infant Jesus. If you’re not exactly the religious type, perhaps you celebrated some fat man who’s made a career out of breaking and entering, stealing cookies from children and leaving gift-wrapped Legos for their parents to step on. But maybe you’re more like me, and did nothing more than enjoy some quality time with your German in-laws, play some board games with the sole intent of screwing over said in-laws, and knock back a few whiskey-and-Xanax cocktails. (AKA: “The Christmas Quickness Coma.”)

But did you actually give anything to someone in need? Did you help someone you don’t even know? (Like this little girl, for example?)

Yeah, you guessed it: this post is a blatant attempt at sappy-ass, guilt-trigger fundraising. And I know, I know — you’ve been hit up for cash every single day since Halloween. Being asked for money every holidays season sucks rocks. I hate it. And I really hate actually doing it. But I have to; this is just too important.


See, my wife and I have some very good friends back in the States named Sonji and Taiala Drakos. They’re trying real damn hard to adopt Taiala’s niece, Kailane, from a poor neighborhood in Brazil. (And by poor, I mean scary poor. Scary as tits.)

Here’s a little excerpt from their story:

For the past 2 years we have been working to adopt our 7-year-old niece, Kailane, a child who is very dear to us and is in great need. We can provide her with the attention, guidance and excellent education that her biological parents are not able to give her. International adoption is a very expensive, slow, tedious undertaking and we have dedicated ourselves completely to following it through no matter what it takes.

Want to meet the little girl in question? Check out this adorable video:

I’m not even kidding when I say just $5 from you could make or break this adoption process. That’s because other people, like your friends and family members, will see you putting yourself out there, and they will respond in kind. It’s a pretty cool phenomenon. Beautiful, really. (And just in time to get your tax-deductible, charitable donations submitted before the end of the year, you cold, calculating sons of bitches. Just kidding. You’re awesome.)

So please, if you can, throw a couple bucks at this thing. I would be eternally grateful, and Kailane‘s life would be improved by orders of magnitude. Forever. (Also, if you indicate in your donation that you were directed from this blog — like by saying “OGM sent me” or something — I’ll link to your own blog or the website of your choosing in a future post.)

Click here to read the whole story and help Sonji and Taiala adopt Kailane. (It takes about two clicks, and you can even do it through Facebook.)

Thank you everyone. Seriously. Have a wonderful holiday season.


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