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Pictures: Terrorizing my German Wife with Instagram

Instagram Logo Image

HIPSTER 9000: "What makes you so cool, Dave?" – Image courtesy of wayjar.com

I recently discovered an iPhone application called Instagram. It allows me to take pictures as I normally would, but I can feed them through all kinds of nifty filters and photo settings, then share them with the Instagram social network at large.

So of course I’ve been running around our house snapping pictures of just everything: houseplants, books, lamps, ceiling fans… it’s as if I don’t even care what I’m photographing. And my German wife absolutely loves this newfound obsession:

THE WIFE: “Please stop taking pictures of boring things around the house.”

As a graphic designer, I am ashamed of myself for using Instagram. My profession demands a high degree of proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, which means I can do everything Instagram does, or any other Instamatic / Hipstamatic type application for that matter, only better. So what’s the appeal? It’s right in the palm of my hand, baby! I can snap a picture of a dying houseplant, throw an Instamatic filter at it and POW! I’ve created a stylish, hip and nauseatingly trendy work of art without even turning my computer on! Now get on your knees and bow down to my photographic genius, you slobbering philistines.

Just kidding. Here are the silly pictures I’ve been taking. Please tell my wife they’re actually really awesome.

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