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German-American Couple Returns to Portland, Oregon, for the 2013 Holiday Season


Good ol’ Big Pink, lookin’ like a dildo in a hurricane.

The Wife and I flew back to the United States for the holidays this year. We spent Christmas in Portland, Oregon, and New Year’s in Cannon Beach. You know what was weird about being back home? The fact that it wasn’t weird. I’d been in Germany for a year and 3 months, and the Pacific Northwest felt exactly the same way I left it; green, rainy and full of Subaru Outbacks.

We had a fantastic time with our friends and family, saw lots of familiar places and even returned to the same beach where we got married. It was a great trip, and I captured the experience in the following sequence of horrible photos taken with my iPhone (and without a lick of photographic talent).

Click one of the images below to start the slideshow. We hope you can dig it!

Video: The 2012 Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in Hannover, Germany

Hannover Christmas Market 2012

The Hannover Weihnachtspyramide (Christmas Pyramid) – “Honey, is this how your people contact the German Mothership?”

It’s that time of year! Time for just about every city and town in Germany to construct and enjoy their Weihnachtsmärkte for the entire month of December! (And for some reason, I’m describing this tradition as if I’ve actually experienced it before.)

Apparently, Christmas is a BIG deal here in Germany. It is celebrated with these incredible markets, where people visit booths to buy wooden trinkets, eat bratwurst, drink Glüwein (hot, spiced wine, sometimes with shots of rum in it), listen to live music and generally have an awesome time.

We sure as hell do.

Here is a video of the Weihnachtspyramide (Christmas Pyramid) at the Kröpke, right in the middle Hannover’s major shopping center.

And here are some before and after pictures of the Christmas Market in Hannover’s Altstadt, surrounding the big, scary, medieval Market Church (Marktkirche).

Do you have any funny, German-related stories about Christmas time? Fire them off in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you!

Happy holidays everyone!

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