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gilde ratskeller beers on the hannover maschsee

Join us for a cold one! (Or a warm one… whatever you’re into.)

Do you have any funny stories about visiting or living in Germany? Do you have a funny German friend or family member? How about some funny comments on German culture? Send them to us and we will share them here with a link back to your blog or the site of your choosing!

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5 responses to “Guests

  1. Can I find a can of clam chowder here OMG!!!!!! last thought, but have to return…

  2. Hmm, I must share? Ok Fiance comes to the states to visit, take her to Applebees for dinner, next day she says lets go back to that place same as yesterday “Applepie” I just replied right on! lol…

  3. On one of our first dates, I was attempting to read the menu at what soon became our favorite restaurant in her small town. I was looking at the salads on the menu and asked her what “Eier” means. She thought about it for a moment then said “Chicken babies.”

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