Pictures: Our Stay in Marburg, Germany, During the Summer of 2011

The Wife and I stayed in Marburg, Germany, last summer before stopping in Einbeck on our way to Berlin. Marburg was by far my favorite town — with its fairytale scenery and small, college town charm — and I wanted to move there immediately. My wife, however, spent the last two years there earning her second Master’s Degree from Philipps-Universität Marburg, so she was quite done with it. This made me cry like a little bitch, so she compromised and agreed we could retire there when we’re old and crusty. So, here’s to you, Marburg! I look forward to the day I slip into the foggy wasteland of senility as I wander your magical hills and alleyways with absolutely no idea where I am!

Here are the pictures from our stay. Click one to open the gallery. We hope you enjoy them!

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28 responses to “Pictures: Our Stay in Marburg, Germany, During the Summer of 2011

  1. Hey,

    The insect car is a Renault Twingo, made before 2007. Just thought you’d like to know.



  2. Chris Breebaart

    The little car is a Renault Twingo


  3. Gorgeous! I can see why you wanted to take all these pictures. I love the half-timbered houses. What an enchanting place. I can see why you would want to retire there. I hope you can do it.


  4. It sure looks cute but I doubt you will find the student atmosphere very enticing as an old fart. Or the masses of American tourists.
    As for the steeple, I guess we’re just jealous of the Italians with their leaning bell tower in Pisa.


  5. I guess you don’t come across a Smart Car very often that is smaller than the Renault Twingo. It hits me every time I see the Smart on the Streets of L.A. :)


  6. So funny… But my friend from Einbeck is living in Marburg now… Coincidences never stop. By the way: My favorite cities are Berlin and Aachen. You visited Berlin already – so if you come to Aachen, let me know and I’ll give some tips :)


  7. Did you ever get to hear the story surrounding that crooked steeple?


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